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Milwaukee County supervisors consider Cesar Chavez holiday
Milwaukee County would establish an optional holiday for employees on March 31 each year to recognize migrant farm worker leader and civil rights activist Cesar Chavez, under a resolution approved Thursday by the County Board's finance committee.
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Late this summer, a former Miss Iowa and rapper The Game did what models and hip-hop stars apparently do these days: They launched a new cryptocurrency they hope will one day be used to buy and sell all things cannabis.
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On Sept. 15, the founders of ParagonCoin—Jessica Versteeg, who was Miss Iowa in 2014, and her husband, Russian millionaire Egor Lavrov—began offering $100 million worth of ParagonCoins at $1 apiece. Even before the ICO (initial coin offering, when a cryptocurrency is first put up for sale) the company had raised a cool $25 million from investors.
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spirits, cigarettes and gifts such as wallets, belts and designer sunglasses.
The Brief: Name Change Debate on Confederate Holiday Turns Heated
Discussion in a House committee Tuesday on a proposed change to the name of a state holiday honoring soldiers who fought for the Confederacy took on an extra dose of notoriety because of the identity of the main proponent of the change — a 13-year-old …
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