A guide to New Hampshire's Eastern White Mountains

1. Appalachians: The Appalachians – or the eastern counterpart to the Rocky Mountains in the west – form a natural barrier between the North American coastal plain and its inner lowlands, stretching nearly 2,000 miles from Newfoundland in Canada to Alabama in the US. They are divided into three physiographic regions in the north, in […]

Golf Info about Myrtle Beach

South Carolina is a beautiful place to play golf. Golfers around the world enjoy a visit to Myrtle Beach. The area hosts some of the most popular courses from top designers. As Myrtle Beach is often referred to as the nation's hot spot for golfers, it's always packed with vacationers and gamblers. People love the […]

Villa Rentals on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina

Hilton Head Island is a vacation destination for over two million people every year. While the beaches and facilities on this major island are still not crowded, vacationers value their time and want a truly relaxing experience. Often vacationers want more space, more amenities or more privacy than in a rented room or a small […]

Stay in a holiday cottage

Did you know that staying in a cabin is much cheaper than staying in a hotel room? Why? Well, it's pretty simple, basically you get a house to live in instead of a single four-walled room. In addition, you can enjoy privacy, be able to cook, have a large refrigerator and many amenities that a […]

Enjoy the Myrtle Beach Vacations

If you think you are looking for an ideal place to think and relax, Myrtle Beach is the perfect destination for a vacation. It is a small paradise on earth, surrounded by sunny beaches and offering many festivals and leisure activities. Here you can really be lucky. A visit to South Carolina may not be […]

Enjoy the Palmetto Trail in Newberry County, SC

The Palmetto Trail is a 69 km long hiking and biking trail that starts in the mountainous northwest of South Carolina and ends on its beautiful coast. When it's done, it'll be one of only a handful of cross-state trails in the United States. Currently, the Palmetto Trail is two-thirds completed and offers nearly 509 […]

Rest in the Sumter National Forest & # 39; s Enoree District

South Carolina's Sumter National Forest offers many recreational opportunities. The Enoree District covers a large area in the central part of the state, including parts of the counties of Newberry, Laurens, Union, Chester and Fairfield. Activities that visitors can enjoy include hiking, boating, fishing, hunting, picnicking and camping. A 60-kilometer section of the South Carolina […]

The Palmetto Trail in Newberry County, South Carolina

The Palmetto Trail is a 425-mile recreational trail in South Carolina, connecting the mountains with the ocean. When you're done, the path begins at Oconee State Park in Upstate and ends on the coast north of Charleston. The Palmetto Trail is a multipurpose path for hikers, bikers and riders. A network of other ways will […]