With North Carolina bed and breakfasts you can enjoy the South

North Carolina is a very historic state, from the first escape to tobacco and cotton farming to strategic battlefields used during the Civil War. If you visit North Carolina, you will be impressed by the southern charm as well as by the people, who are always astonishing to tourists and full of the well-known "southern hospitality".

The best places to get a feel for North Carolina, its history and its inhabitants are bed and breakfasts. Hotels are informal and simply provide a place to sleep. However, a North Carolina bed and breakfast is like taking a walk in someone else's house where the room has been cleaned and specially prepared for you. This is a homemade meal prepared according to old recipes and reminding you that food is also a kind of enjoyment and innkeepers who are genuinely interested in making you feel at home. While there are thousands of bed and breakfasts in North Carolina, from the historic shores of Wilmington to the extraordinary mountains of Asheville, you will always feel at home and be greeted with tidbits from the history of inns, fresh pastries and innkeepers interested in making you are part of the family for a day or two or allow your privacy if you so desire.

Some of the most famous areas in North Carolina except Wilmington and Asheville include the capital Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Winston Salem, Fayetteville, Durham, Charlotte and many others. All these cities have award-winning bed and breakfasts. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you would like to stay in a North Carolina bed and breakfast, unlike a traditional hotel.

The problem with visiting North Carolina is that you choose a bed and breakfast if you are considering a trip to a specific city. However, this is not a problem as you can visit the various available bed and breakfasts online and then book your reservation at a price that best suits your budget and personality. Give North Carolina's Bed & Breakfast a chance the next time you travel to the state of Tarheel, and you'll never again choose to stay in a regular hotel.