Day trip to USS Yorktown

There is a World War II aircraft carrier in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. It is the USS Yorktown. If you ever visit the Charleston area or even the southeastern United States, you can take a day trip to USS Yorktown. I was visiting a few years ago. I wanted to take my son and daughter with me. They enjoyed the trip as much as I did.

When you visit Yorktown, you should plan one day. There is also a submarine, a destroyer and a Vietnamese fire station at Yorktown. During our visit, we try to see all three naval vessels and the Vietnamese Fire Station on the same day. We can do it to anything, but we are somehow rushed. There is so much to see and so much history to read. If you took the time to look at the entire story and read all the ads, you would have difficulty getting through Yorktown in a full day.

The entrance to USS Yorktown is a long winding road. As you make your final turn, behind the palm trees, you see this huge gray aircraft carrier from World War II. It is a miraculous sight. It's amazing how such a big ship can be made to swim! I understand that today's flattops are even bigger! The next truly amazing sight is the new Cooper River Bridge, which you will see to the right of Yorktown.

We spend most of our day exploring the huge flattop's decks. The flight deck features anti-aircraft guns, jets and helicopters, and spectacular views of Charleston Harbor. On the hangar deck are several vintage World War II aircraft exhibiting many historical depictions. As you descend the lower decks, you will see the dormitories, the exhibition hall, the machinery shop, the infirmary, the bathrooms and the Brig with many, many historical exhibits.

After exploring below deck, we return to the flight deck and work our way up the tower. Here you will find the communications rooms, flight control rooms, ready-to-fly rooms, and the bridge where the captain spent the whole time, I think. Here is a lot of steep stairs operated! After spending most of the day at USS Yorktown, we make our way to the submarine, cross it, run to the destroyer, spend some time there and then walk through the Vietnamese fire department base. After a long day with a World War II aircraft carrier, you can be sure that a good night's sleep is coming!