A short history of orange balls

What exactly is an orange ball? The short answer is that nobody knows. Yet it is one of the most ubiquitous of all the anomalous aerial phenomena that take place in our skies today.

Debunkers will tell you that helium balloons from hoaxers or Chinese lanterns brought out by partygoers are lit with balls or torches. That may be true in some cases, but it can either fly at over 800 miles an hour and stop on a penny or float for hours in a terrible wind? Is it common for military jets to hunt Chinese lanterns and helium balloons? And then there is the obvious intelligence that seems to accompany these bullets. They merge, they separate, they form geometric patterns like triangles and rectangles and constellations of stars, they disappear and return, and some alleged contacts even claim to communicate telepathically with them.

Conspiracy theorists will suggest that they are plasma bang weapons developed by DARPA or another US government agency. It is rumored that Boeing Phantom Works is working on these targeted energy weapons (DEWs) for the military, but hovers large plasma orbs for hours in the atmosphere or carries them on trajectories in groups of up to 30 at a speed faster than The speed of sound is still science fiction at this time. But it happens in our skies with or without the participation of Boeing!

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) does not classify them as unidentified aircraft (UAVs) and urges the field investigators to label them "unknown others" in their reports. When browsing reports, MUFON does not even use the term "bullet". The circle or sphere is the area closest to a classification in the database. However, looking at the MUFON sighting database (and anyone can do that, dear reader), daily reports from around the world flow in, and some even with very good video evidence to prove the sightings. Are they technological craft, a kind of biological entity or a bit of both?

To put it bluntly, these completely silent orange balls that roam our skies are not to be confused with the little paranormal bullets that are often seen in photographs that surround people in cemeteries and supposed haunted houses. These are objects with advanced technological capabilities, but sometimes, when seen up close, they seem to be molten pulsing energy or biomass blobs, with faint outlines of something that may be mechanical but almost invisible, like a shell ,

In 2008, the UK Ministry of Defense released its so-called X-Files and among the numerous published information, this nugget was about Orange Orbs:

"The Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP or UFO) is undeniable, as it is said to be capable of levitating, landing, launching, accelerating and disappearing at astonishing speeds, and they are reported to suddenly change their direction of flight and have significant aerodynamic characteristics far beyond that. " that of a known aircraft or a rocket – either manned or unmanned.

The conditions for the initial formation and maintenance of seemingly suspended charged masses (of plasma) that can form, separate, fuse, float, climb, dive, and accelerate are not fully understood.

Depending on the temperature and aerosol density of a color, it can be visually seen, either as a self-generated plasma color, as reflected light, or as a silhouette due to light blockade and background contrast.

Occasionally, and perhaps exceptionally, a field of indeterminate properties appears to exist in bulk formation between certain charged floating objects, the intervening space forming an area viewed as a shape, often triangular, from which light reflection does not occur. This is an important finding in the attribution of what has often been called a black "craft," often triangular and up to thirty meters long.

And while the sightings of these bullets multiply around the world, especially in the last two years, their presence is not new. Some researchers believe that they are incarnations of the famous and mysterious Foo Fighters that Allied pilots saw in the Second World War over the skies of Germany.

In his 1954 book "Flying Saucers on the Attack," author Harold T. Wilkins recounts the devastating episode of WWII US Lieutenant Lieut. David McFalls 20 miles north of Strasbourg on December 22, 1944:

"At 6:00 am (6:00 pm) near Hagenau, at an altitude of 10,000 feet, two very bright lights rose from the ground toward us, flattening and remaining at the stern of our aircraft, huge, bright orange lights They stayed there for two minutes, all the time on my cock, they were under perfect control, then they turned away from us and the fire seemed to go out. "

Newspaper clippings from around the world collected by UFO logists such as Cris Aubeck and Jacques Vallee clearly indicate Orange Orb's presence in the 19th and early 20th centuries, long before Nazi scientists and engineers after the war from the Americans were harvested for their space program. So you can not conclude that Foo Fighter's secret weapons were Russian, German or American designs.

In the India Gazette of July, 1832 we receive the following report on orange balls:

Meteors of June 23 and July 24, 1832, observed in Delhi and Meerut. An extraordinarily large meteor, or rather three fireballs, rose from the horizon of Est Southeast on the 23rd of last month, and when they rose to a height of about 15 degrees, they joined together to form a big fireball almost as big like a full moon in the meridian and crossed a bow of the sky by 115 degrees, before it disappeared in the west northwest. The light was very brilliant. "

And on October 2, 1907, in Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania, exactly the same thing happened as follows:

A remarkable story is told of a phenomenon in the sky last night at half past six, vouched for by the foreman of The Star (the newspaper) and a friend who witnessed it. While they were talking near Frank's Tavern, suddenly a bright golden fireball appeared in the northern part of the sky, paused only a moment, and then divided into three different orbs of almost equal size of radiant and blazing beauty, moving slowly and moved along graceful curve down over the sky. Apart from its gigantic appearance it resembled with its beautiful play of colors the appearance of a sky rocket. As the three stars moved across the sky, a pale trail of lamb resembled the description of a comet. The mysterious stars disappeared behind the eastern horizon … "

Again, in the Australian Kapunda Herald of March 16, 1880 recorded that:

A resident of this city tells us that on Monday morning, March 15, a strange phenomenon has occurred. At five minutes to four o'clock, a star in the northeastern sky seemed to burn brightly about 45 degrees above the horizon. Immediately thereafter it shot at tremendous speed southwest, but became immobile while it was still high above the horizon. It burned restlessly for a quarter of an hour with a reddish glow, and then slowly set in the southwest as brightly as it first appeared.

There is even a mention of bullets in April 1676:

"In Offenburg, a comet was seen that looked like a flaming sword with its blade pointing west, and next to it was a star and two blood-red bullets."

Source: Extraordinaires Maanedlige Relationer, April 1676

Even the US Air Force Project Sign (AKA Project Saucer later Project Grudge later Project Bluebook) has a letter from Major General Cabell (General Vandenburg's Air Force Deputy dated November 3, 1948) to Colonel McvCoy, who inquires about UFOs. Colonel McCoy answers in November 8th specifically:

The described objects fall into the following general classification groups, depending on their form or general configuration.

a.) Flat disc or circular or approximately circular shape.

(b) Torpedo or cigar aircraft in which no wings or fins are visible in flight

c) Spherical or balloon shaped objects

d) light balls without visible form

This is point d)!

Lake Erie in particular was a hot sighting area as early as 1867, and the Indian tribes in the area they called Wizard Lights pointed to an even earlier presence. Let's start here in Lake Erie with our research.

Enter Michael Lee Hill 2006

Starting in 2006, a musician named Michael Lee Hall, who lived near Lake Erie, began recording video of Orange Orbs appearing in the sky. His videos are clear and clear and abundant. Watch it on YouTube. For some in the UFOlogy community, Michael has mitigated his status with his unfounded claims that he is an alien hybrid descended from the Annanuki with extra blood. This blood was sent by Bill Birnes for analysis in the now-defunct TV show UFO Hunters and came back with certain extraordinary results that in no way prove he's alien – it's only rich in an enzyme called Creatine Kenase, which has some UFO Logisticians as a typical side effect of an abductee experience.

MUFON also examined his sightings on Lake Erie Orange Orb and concluded that they were just planes Michael was turning. This conclusion has been severely challenged since Lake Erie has been a no-fly zone since 9/11 because the Perry nuclear power plant is located on its shores near Cleveland.

Enter Robert Bigelow 2010

Michael Lee Hill has made some extraordinary, if not outlandish, claims on many UFOlogy blogs, web community sites, and TV shows, but one is very interesting and reasonably plausible. He claims that a Bigelow Aerospace Corporation investigator, Gary Hernandez, contacted him in 2010 for his Orb sightings and asked Michael to disclose the coordinates of his Orb sighting locations. A search on LinkedIn.com revealed that a full-time lawyer Gary Hernandez was a senior investigator for Bigelow's Classified Projects from 2010 to 2011.

If the claim is true, she throws Orange Orbs in a whole new light. Robert Bigelow is a billionaire real estate developer from Nevada who has made his fortune with his hotel chain holdings. Its aerospace company has launched two modules for the International Space Station. He sees a future for his company in space tourism. Mr. Bigelow also has an interest in UFOs. It's from childhood, when his grandparents were nearly killed in their car as they tried to avoid an orange ball on their way. His now discontinued National Institute for Discovery Science collected until 2004 UFO sightings (especially sightings in the Black Triangle).

In 2009, Bigelow entered into a highly failed and unfortunate financial partnership with MUFON (a nonprofit organization), which quickly broke up. Mr. Bigelow also owns the notorious Skinwalker Ranch, which is a hot bed of cattle mutilation and orange ball sightings. More significantly, the Federal Aviation Administration is shifting pilots' UFO sightings to Bigelow Aerospace.

The point is that we have a billionaire who seems to be interested in the coordinates of the Lake Erie Orange Orb sightings. If it's just planes, as MUFON says – why? If Michael Lee Hill is a charlatan – why?

Maybe it's an attempt to intercept and regain you, especially if it's an extraterrestrial technology? That's why!

Enter Terry Ray 2014

Terry Ray is a MUFON Field Investigator from Pennsylvania. I met him at the Pittsburgh MUFON conference in October and he is a very nice man. Terry has this year written a book with the very long title "The Complete History of the Worldwide Orange Ball Invasion" available from Sunbury Press. It is a three-part book that begins and ends with its investigation of the phenomenon and contains about 200 recent reports submitted to MUFON and other centers in the middle of the book.

Perhaps Terry's biggest achievement in investigating the phenomenon is his visual map, which is based on thousands of MUFON sightings in recent years. Terry has found that these sightings are increasing exponentially, and that they are visible over every major American city, to be seen by as many people as possible. Their goal seems to be slowly getting people to get used to their presence when they are actually alien. However, they completely avoid a city and that is Washington DC. Do you avoid the confrontation with our military? Would Chinese lanterns and helium balloons with torches be so demanding?

Terry also believes that these bullets come from underwater bases and that they are often seen along the Atlantic coast during their nocturnal maneuvers and also (not surprisingly) seen massively over Lake Erie and the Atlantic Ocean like Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Terry believes that they are alien and that seems to be the growing consensus.

I'm a MUFON Field Investigator and of the 50 cases I've investigated this year, there were about 40% sightings of orange balls over New Jersey.

The MUFON case 5937 of 14th August 2014 is perhaps the most sensational I've ever worked on even though there is no video or photo proof. The object in the distance was clearly an orange ball. The object was first seen close to the witness at a distance of no more than ten feet. It was a churning, bright orange ball rising in the air, surrounded by a faint bell almost invisible to the naked eye. The witness stated specific dimensions that were about 8 feet high and 5 feet wide. It was shaped like a bell or a jellyfish. It hovered near an outdoor electric transformer just outside its backyard, possibly to derive energy from it. As she became aware of her presence, she began to withdraw and to strengthen the feeling and awareness of her presence.

On August 24, 2014, witnesses of MUFON case 59219 in Ouachita, Louisiana described the same object as in case 59379 in New Jersey. They said, "My wife and I noticed an orange, transparent, bell-shaped object at a height of 200 to 300 feet above the ground, heading north, then turned 90 degrees to the east, no sound, have seen it until it has disappeared. "

The witnesses drew a very accurate diagram of the bell-shaped plasma sphere.

Comparing Cases 59219 and 59379 with Michael Lee Hill's first encounter with the Orange Orbs in 2006, we get a strikingly similar description of an Orb close-up. Michael noticed it looked like a cylinder and added, "It looked like a flat platform of bright plasma red, you could see the edges very well, they were not fuzzy, and on top of that platform was what looked like Like a bright sun, a kind of plasma ball the size of a small plane, the ball was about 1/3 of the length of the lower part, just imagine a line with a ball over it, and that's it It looked like the line part would be about three meters thick. "

Three close encounters with Orange Orbs and all very similar. They seem to be energy balls with a faint outline of something bigger that surrounds that energy. The outline is large and flat at the bottom and smaller and rounded at the top.

It may be a coincidence, but on December 9, 1965, a strangely shaped object collapsed in the woods outside the city in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, causing a rapid and overwhelming military reaction. Whatever the object was, it was carted away on a pickup truck to never be seen again.

And another, even more intriguing coincidence emerges from the realm of conspiracies over bell-shaped orange balls. In 2000, Polish weapons expert Igor Witkowski published a book entitled "The Truth About the Weapon of Wonder." It describes his experience in conversation with a former Nazi officer named Jakob Sporrenberg, who tells Witkowski about the now infamous Nazi experiment titled The Bell.

What The Bell was and whether it ever existed or not is a question of discussion, but if you look at it in the context of the bell-shaped orange balls in our skies, traveling in truly mysterious circumstances, you have to wonder if the Nazis are actually in any way By transport working platform with exotic technology, possibly regressed by an allegedly crashed UFO in Germany before World War II. If you want to believe Mr. Witkowski, many German scientists lost their lives when they contributed to this experiment. It is also believed that it fell into American hands at the end of the war. Was the Bell an advanced propulsion system or something even more exotic than a time machine? Was the bell the object that crashed in Kecksburg in 1965? Was The Bell The Object Seen In 2014 In A Backyard In New Jersey In MUFON Case # 59379? We do not know, but we see patterns emerge.

One more case to make a point. MUFON case 57701 of 5 July 2014 in Eatontown, NJ. The witness claims after an orange ball crossed the sky: "Within a few minutes, several fast-moving aircraft were seen flying in the same direction as the unidentified object."

Eatontown, NJ, is located north of McGuire Air Force Base. The Air Force is determined not to investigate UFOs, but we have recurrent jet fighters crawling for UAVs in MUFON database reports. It's been like that since the 1940s and they never seem to catch those things !!!

How long have you been here? A few centuries or more?

Over 3,500 years ago, the pharaoh Thothmosis III. In ancient Egypt, the following reports about possible aliens in his heaven were submitted to the papyrus:

"In year 22, the third winter month, six hours a day, the archivists or chronicles of the scribes or annalists of the House of Life stated that a circle of fire had appeared in the sky … (But it had no head Breath that stank, a staff long, his body and a staff were wide and it was noiseless, and the scribes' hearts were startled and confused, and they lay flat on their bellies …

They told the pharaoh. His Majesty ordered … was examined … and he meditated on what had happened and what is recorded in papyri of the House of Life.

Now, after a few days passed, these things became more numerous in the sky than ever before. They shone more than the brightness of the sun and reached the limits of the four pillars (quarters) of the sky …

In the sky dominated the station of these fiery circles. The army of Pharaoh watched with him in their midst.

It was after dinner. As a result, these fire circles rose higher in the sky to the south. "

"Fish and winged animals or birds fell from the sky, a miracle that has never existed since the founding of this land, and the Pharaoh brought incense to make peace on earth … And what happened was the Pharaoh's writing in the annals of the House of Life … so that it will be remembered forever. "

Was this the first arrival of the orange balls on earth? Maybe they were alien visitors looking for a new home. In the 3,500 years since their arrival, they did not seem to have caused any problems with the Earth. Are they a race of beings who want to live peacefully with earthlings? Are they machines? Do they live biological entities?

And what about her affinity to water? It has long been speculated that they have underwater bases near Myrtle Beach and Lake Erie. Why? Since the Second World War they have been spotted worldwide from the Pacific over the Atlantic, the Arctic to the Tasman Sea !!! Is there anything about water that calms or helps cool your engines, or in any way provides for their supply?

Take the unusual sighting of lights under the sea surface from last summer. Maybe a bunch of orange balls under the surface in the Pacific?

From the Daily Mail of 26th August 2014:

A pilot and his co-pilot have discovered a mysterious orange-red glow over the Pacific.

The strange lights were discovered south of the Russian Kamchatka Peninsula on the flight of a Boeing 747-8 from Hong Kong to Anchorage, Alaska.

And although no explanation has yet been given, it is believed that they stem from the explosion of a huge volcano under the surface of the ocean.

Dutch pilot JPC van Heijst explained … how, five hours after the start of the ten-hour flight, they discovered an intense flash of light, directed like a bolt of lightning straight into the distance. This was followed 20 minutes later by a deep red and orange glow. And the experience disturbed van Heijst a little, as there was no explanation of what had happened.

Together with his co-driver, van Heijst said they were "not feeling well" while no other plane was around to confirm the sighting.

"We have reported our observations to air traffic control and are now investigating what happened in this remote region of the ocean," he added.

While we are still a long way from solving the puzzle of orange balls, we now have at least some questions we can ask ourselves. Are they alien? Are you friendly? Are they time machines or interdimensional transport machines? Are they secret Government black operation projects like antigravity drives? Are they even machines or are they still alive? We do not know … YET!

What exactly is an orange ball? The short answer is that nobody knows. But we will surely learn a lot about her!