The key to the beautiful stone

Stone surfaces may appear dull and dirty over time, despite best cleaning efforts and sometimes due to soiling. Stone floors lose their luster over time. Traffic areas arise at entrances and turning areas, where we see the highest concentration of feet and the most pivotal. Table and counter surfaces have slight scratches and dull spots […]

A travel guide for Pensacola, Florida

Pensacola is located in northwest Florida, 16 km from the state border of Alabama. It is rich in historical military air and nature monuments and offers Florida's typical aspects of sun, sand, seafood and water. Pensacola: Although St. Augustine is considered the oldest city in the US on Florida's east or Atlantic coast and took […]

Leh Ladakh and Kashmir tourism

Ladakh and Kashmir are two very popular regions in the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir (J & K). They attract travelers and tourists from all over the world with unique charm and fascination. In this article you will learn what you will see in Ladakh and Kashmir when you arrive there. Take a look […]

The dangers of texting while driving

The use of mobile phones has exploded in recent years. As smartphones become more powerful and download speeds for wireless connections increase, the urge to perform multiple tasks while driving is too great for many drivers to resist. Unfortunately, distracted driving poses a serious threat to the country's highways. In 2009 alone, nearly 5,500 people […]

Sabal Palms III: Sabal Palmetto and Minor Sabal Species

We continue with our series on hardy palms Sabal Palmetto, the palm tree that is on the state flag of South Carolina and Florida. The following descriptions illustrate the enormous biodiversity. Sabal Palmetto (Palmetto Palm) The 40'large S. palmetto is the dominant stem palm in the southeastern United States. The native range extends from Florida […]

A travel guide to North Carolina Outer Banks

1 Introduction The thin band of interlinked barrier islands stretching over 130 miles along the North Carolina coast and forming the Outer Banks seems to be more of a part of the Atlantic than the continent to which they are connected by causeways, bridges and ferries. Islands in and out of sand, their dunes with […]

Checkmate – Chapter X.

Arrived in Naples, Martin Graham went straight to Kayn's hotel. He was looking forward to visiting Italy; After spending several years training at FSI, he became an admirable student of architecture. His admiration for beginners, which became apparent over the centuries, left him in his story about the country always modestly back. Kayn waited in […]