African travel tips when visiting Mozambique

Mozambique is best known for its beaches and shrimp. Mozambique also offers visitors world heritage sites, colonial architecture and a colorful local culture. In bustling markets, exquisite carvings and wickerwork are sold. The wooden and ivory sculptures of the Makonde are considered one of the most refined art forms in Africa. Mozambique has also spawned […]

The McFarland / Richardson murder case

She was a famous New York stage actress named Abby Sage. But after her ex-husband, Daniel McFarland, killed her lover, the journalist Albert Richardson, at Richardson's New York Tribune workstation on November 25, 1869, it was Sage's lifestyle that was thrown out, not just McFarland. Daniel McFarland was born in Ireland in 1820, but immigrated […]

A short history of orange balls

What exactly is an orange ball? The short answer is that nobody knows. Yet it is one of the most ubiquitous of all the anomalous aerial phenomena that take place in our skies today. Debunkers will tell you that helium balloons from hoaxers or Chinese lanterns brought out by partygoers are lit with balls or […]

The history of the airport of the Republic

1. Farmingdale's Aviation Origins: Located in Farmingdale, Long Island, the Republic's airport is a historically significant airfield for the region and the world, which has played both military and civilian roles. But long before it became an airfield, the manufacturers of aircraft emerged. "The industrial revolution and aircraft came to Farmingdale during World War I […]

Pierce Hale, Private Eye: The honeymoon killer

It was 7:30 pm on a Saturday night when Pierce Hale was escorted to Club Dahlia. Pierce sat at a mahogany table, poured from a narrow green bottle, and occasionally leaned back to blow smoke rings. He waited patiently for his dinner. It was 1945 in Miami South Beach. Tropical plants adorned the room opposite […]

The stages of US airline deregulation

I. Regulation Although deregulation of US airlines was initially thought to lead to an increase in the number of airlines whose different service concepts, market segments, fleets and route structures would lead to new competition, traffic growth and lower tariffs, the result was a complete one Cycle and only led to virtual monopoly. During its […]

Interesting facts about supermodels!

United States Did you know already – The American Christie Brinkley, an admirer of the former French leader Charles de Gaulle, was one of the most famous supermodels of the 20th century. According to manager John Casablancas, "she was a kind of flower child, a cute doll of a girl, too fragile to be sexy." […]